Q: How do I straighten my hair with the hair straightener?
A: Before using it, please make sure that your hair is dry and free of tangles.

1. Divide your hair into manageable sections and clip the upper layers on the top of your head, starting with the lower layer of hair.

2. Plug the straightener into an power socket, hold down the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn it on. The straightener heats up to 380℉, which is suitable for damaged hair.

3. First test the straightener on a small section of hair, then slowly adjust the temperature up or down to the most suitable one for your hair, and then finalize the rest of the hair. You could press +/- to reach the proper temperature, or use the P button to switch among three default temperature settings : 270℉(fragile hair), 350℉(damaged hair/colored hair), 410℉(healthy hair), 450℉(thick hair).

4. Clamp the hair firmly between the two plates and slide the straightener from the root to the tip to the entire hair with a smooth motion. Keep the iron moving so as not to damage the hair by overheating. If the top of the head is somewhat curly and cannot be straightened with one pass, please repeat as normal.

After finishing styling, always unplug the straightener immediately to cool down then storage well.

Q: How do I curl my hair with the flat iron?
A: Here are some steps:
1. Divide yourhair into manageable sections and clip the upper layers on top of your head. Set the iron at your desired temperature.

2. Grab the section of hair you want to curl, close the two heated plates together with the hair, then give the iron a full or a half turn. Hold the iron for 5-10 seconds depending on hair type and desired style, then release hair from tip for full bodied curls.

3. Repeat as normal for the rest to achieve the awesome result.

After finishing styling, always unplug the straightener immediately to cool down completely then storage well.

Q: Can I use the iron on abroad? How to switch the voltage?
A: All @haircaresshop Professional straighteners and curling irons are worldwide dual voltage compatible with 110V-240V. They will automatically convert to the proper voltage when you are abroad. You only need to take an adapter to fit different sockets of other countries.

Q: What can I do if my product doesn't work?
A: Please Contact Us?or email at: info@haircaresshop.com with your order number at any time, we will help you to solve the problem right for you.

Q: What's your return/refund/replace policy?
A: All of our products come with a 1 year warranty. After confirming your purchase and checking the problem, we can provide you money back or a new replacement according to your wishes. For more details, please email us at info@haircaresshop.com.