Hairstyle Trends That Are Sparking Joy In mid-Spring

The thing about this time of mid-Spring is that there is a lot of feeling-both reflective and future-oriented-and somehow zero time to devote to sussing them out. But one thing that often helps me feel better when I am waiting for love and alone, my friends that nobody's home and seasonal malaise is ever-present: a new hairstyle. And We're right here with you.

I get excited about spending my leisure time in beautiful Spring. For me, it's one part of visual appreciation, and sometimes it inspires me to think beyond the daily. And play around with easy changeups, even if just a phone call or a mirror selfie. So Haircaresshop especially shares some hairstyle trends by using hairstyle tools.

Ode To Glam (INGLAM-7P)
This hairstyle always sparks joy for me because it is so reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour. It's a great way to bring a polished, luxurious feel to a look, especially for a party or social event!

Hot Rollers(Parwin 7p)
Just want a touch of warm hues in your color this year? Opt for that Sun-Kissed Balayage look, which Hairdresser says will be a major trend in 2022. It’s a soft change that won’t demand to get touch-ups every four weeks.

Bold & bouncy blowout(Prizm 5p)
A Bold & bouncy blowout will be popular with brunettes.
It’s ideal for people who want a low-maintenance, beachy style, like beach waves. A Bold & bouncy blowout is so flexible, if you want to touch it up, just let it grow out and do your thing.

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